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Research in monitoring the development of horizontal wells

Equipment for monitoring the development of horizontal wells "Karsar Control-43".

Equipment series "Control" is designed for geophysical studies of cased horizontal and directional wells. The instrument is a series of "Control" may be operated on standard logging cable, and the standalone mode in conjunction with a standalone recorder "Karsar АР43". Delivery to the slaughter can be carried out using any standard delivery method.

The main tasks solved in the study of wells equipment series "Control»:

  •  Determination of the inflow intervals and fluid absorption; 
  •  Determination of oil, gas and water inflow places; 
  •  Determination of reservoir productivity and fluid flow; 
  •  Determination of places of leakage of casing string, tubing and well bottom; 
  •  Identification of cross-annular flow in the borehole; 
  •  Determination of energy parameters of the reservoir (RPL, Rsab, RNAs, TPL, Tsab); 
  •  Determination of static and dynamic levels of liquid and oil-watershed (NVR).

The structure of the Assembly Karsar Control-43 includes the following modules:

  • Complex device CP43
  • Flowmeter scanning PC43
  • Spectral sound level meter ШС43
  • Autonomous Registrar AR43
  • Tension sensor DN43
  • Cardan GP43

Information on technical and environmental safety
The device "Karsar Control-43" does not contain explosive, flammable and toxic substances. The device can be transported by any kind of transport, excluding its mechanical damage. The design of the device ensures the completeness of technical and environmental safety requirements according to the requirements of RD 26-06-64-91. The device is easy to clean and provides an environmentally friendly condition of the materials used, which allows after the final wear of the device to dispose of it without additional preparation.

Manufacturer's guarantee
1. If the consumer conditions and rules of operation, the manufacturer guarantees that the device given in paragraph 2 specifications.
2. Guaranteed shelf life of the device – 6 months from the date of manufacture.
3. The warranty period of the device - 12 months from the date of commissioning.
4. During the period specified in p/p. 6.2 and 6.3, the manufacturer provides warranty repair of the device.
5. Devices with mechanical damage and traces of interference in its electronic components are not subject to warranty repair.

Table of characteristics:
Parameter Value
Максимальное усилие
На растяжение
На сдавливание

1,5 т
0,7 т
Максимальная скорость каротажа, м/ч 600

Максимальная рабочая температура, °С

Максимальное рабочее давление, МПа 100
Габаритные размеры
Диаметр, мм:
Общая длина, м, не более
Общая  масса, кг 50
Срок эксплуатации прибора, лет 6


Designation Name Number
L30 Сборка  «КарСар Контроль 43» 1
L30.ПС Паспорт 1
L30.РЭ Руководство по эксплуатации 1


  Модуль АР43 1
  Модуль  КП43 1
  Модуль РС43 1
  Модуль ДН43 1
  Модуль ГП43 1
  Модуль ШС43 1
  Комплект запасных частей и вспомогательного оборудования 1 компл.**

  * - Наименование и количество поставляемых модулей указывается при заказе аппаратуры.
  ** - поставляется по отдельному заказу.

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