support of oil and gas
wells drilling

The company "LOGSERVICE" originates from February 2018. The company was created on the basis of the enterprise OOO "Korsar". All used equipment is manufactured in Saratov. For the small existence, the company reached quite large volumes in the field of rendering services in support of drilling of oil and gas wells, and also geophysical services by various equipment of production of LLC Karsar.

The company can distinguish the following areas:

  • Provision of services for the wiring of side shafts, directional and horizontal wells, using a Telesystem with a hydrochannel communication system produced by LLC "Karsar", as well as work on logging in the drilling process. (Logging while drilling MWD/LWD)
  • Provision of services for carrying out geophysical works on the cable (Hi tech research on the geophysical cable)
  • Logging on drill pipes
  • Integrated interpretation of geophysical data
  • Research in monitoring the development of horizontal wells